Texto al interlingua

An Interlingua dictionary for Ispell

Last update: 20 July 2001, 15:15 UTC

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The dictionary was generated from the following sources:


To install the dictionary for use with ispell, you need to download these two files: Then, you need to run this command to compile interlingua.hash:
    buildhash interlingua.words interlingua.aff interlingua.hash

Word list

Here is a list of words and derivations that are recognised by ispell. You don't need this list for ispell to work. You can also generate this yourself from the sources below.


You only need these files if you wish to recreate the dictionary file interlingua.words from scratch, or if you wish to check the procedure by which the dictionary was derived. Small changes, corrections, or additions are more easily made directly in interlingua.aff or interlingua.words.