Table of contents

Editors Preface
Enoch Oladé Aboh The category P in Gbe
Werner Abraham Canonic and non-canonic deliberations about epistemic modality: its emergence out of where?
Sjef Barbiers and Hans Bennis Reflexives in dialects of Dutch
Hans Broekhuis Object shift and subject shift
Norbert Corver A note on micro-dimensions of possession in Dutch and related languages
Marcel den Dikken Comparative correlatives and verb second
Martin Everaert Reflexives in discourse
Liliane Haegeman West Flemish possessor doubling and the anaphor agreement effect
Jack Hoeksema Verb movement in Dutch present-participle clauses
Harry van der Hulst Cognitive phonology
Riny Huybregts A PF-interface condition on syntactic computation
Wim Klooster Negative raising revisited
Jan Kooij Blocking participial ge- in Dutch: prosody or syntax?
Jan Koster All languages are tense second
Pieter Muysken The grammatical elements in Negerhollands: loss, retention, reconstitution
Anneke Neijt Linking schwa in Dutch compounds: a phonomorpheme?
Eric Reuland What do you move to what end? An exercise in anti-symmetry
Henk van Riemsdijk East meets west: aboutness relatives in Swiss German
Johan Rooryck The morphosyntactic structure of articles and pronouns in Dutch
Norval Smith The proverbial word in Sranan
Henk Verkuyl On the semantics of complementizers
Mark de Vries Hierarchy in coordinate structures
Fred Weerman Nominative-dative inversion and the decline of Dutch
Jan-Wouter Zwart Agreement and remnant movement in the domain of West-Germanic verb movement

Hans den Besten Bibliography

December 18, 2003 (view Henk van Riemsdijk's pictures of the party by clicking here).

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