Civitates orbis terrarum -
                    Braun and Hogenberg

Between 1572 and 1617 Georg Braun (1541-1622) and Frans Hogenberg (1535-1590) published six volumes, containing about 530 maps of mostly European cities. Georg Braun was the editor of this series, and Frans Hogenberg was the most important engraver. They relied mainly on existing maps, but also on maps made by drawings made by the Antwerp artist Joris Hoefnagel (1542-1600), who had travelled through most of Western Europe. After Joris Hoefnagel's death his son Jakob continued the work for the Civitates.
Another important source for maps was the Danish cartographer Heinrich van Rantzau (1526-1599), beter known under his Latin name Rantzovius, who provided maps of Northern Europe, specially of Danish cities. Other sources were the maps of Sebastian Munster from around 1550 and unpublished works of Jacob van Deventer (1505-1575), also known as Jacob Roelofsz, and of over a hundred other artists and engravers.