Holland: Dordrecht, Haarlem, Delft, Leiden, Amsterdam, Gouda, Rotterdam, Gorkum, Schiedam (not yet scanned - small format), Schoonhoven, Briel (nys-sf), Alkmaar, Hoorn (nys-sf), Enkhuizen, Medemblik (nys), Edam (nys-sf), Monnickendam (nys-sf), Purmerend (nys-sf), IJsselstein (nys-sf), Woerden (nys-sf), Oudewater (nys-sf), Heusden (nys), St. Geertruidenberg (twice, and a picture of the siege by Maurits of Nassau - nys), Worckum (nys), Naarden (nys-sf), Muiden (nys-sf), Weesp (nys-sf), Vianen (nys-sf), Leerdam (nys-sf), Asperen (nys-sf), Hoeckelum (nys-sf), 's Gravezande (nys-sf), Vlaardingen (nys-sf), Delfshaven (nys-sf), Goeree (nys-sf), 's Gravenhage, Schagen (nys-sf), Beverwijk (nys-sf), Clundert (nys-sf) and Katwijk aan Zee (nys-sf).

Utrecht: Utrecht, Amersfoort, Wijk bij Duurstede (nys-sf), and Montfoort (nys-sf). Not all maps have the same size: some maps are printed over two pages, and sometimes four maps are printed on two pages. There is also a historical description of the places in the "Toonneel der Steden". Next to the city maps are a number of picture of "Huizen" (castles), the Courts in The Hague and a curious picture of the "Zeilwagen van Prins Maurits" (sailing car of Prince Maurits).