Blaeu - Toonneel der Steden (1652)

These maps are scanned from a facsimile publication of the Blaeu's Toonneel der Steden from 1652. The order in which we present the maps is not the original order and some of the maps have not yet been scanned. Only the towns of the provinces Holland, and Utrecht are in the first part. The other maps come from the second part.

The order of the first part is:
Dordrecht, Haarlem, Delft, Leiden, Amsterdam, Gouda, Rotterdam, Gorkum, Schiedam (not yet scanned - small format), Schoonhoven, Briel (nys-sf), Alkmaar, Hoorn (nys-sf), Enkhuizen, Medemblik (nys), Edam (nys-sf), Monnickendam (nys-sf), Purmerend (nys-sf), IJsselstein (nys-sf), Woerden (nys-sf), Oudewater (nys-sf), Heusden (nys), St. Geertruidenberg (twice, and a picture of the siege by Maurits of Nassau - nys), Worckum (nys), Naarden (nys-sf), Muiden (nys-sf), Weesp (nys-sf), Vianen (nys-sf), Leerdam (nys-sf), Asperen (nys-sf), Hoeckelum (nys-sf), 's Gravezande (nys-sf), Vlaardingen (nys-sf), Delfshaven (nys-sf), Goeree (nys-sf), 's Gravenhage, Schagen (nys-sf), Beverwijk (nys-sf), Clundert (nys-sf) and Katwijk aan Zee (nys-sf).
Utrecht, Amersfoort, Wijk bij Duurstede (nys-sf), and Montfoort (nys-sf).

Not all maps have the same size: some maps are printed over two pages, and sometimes four maps are printed on two pages. There is also a historical description of the places in the "Toonneel der Steden". Next to the city maps are a number of picture of "Huizen" (castles), the Courts in The Hague and a curious picture of the "Zeilwagen van Prins Maurits" (sailing car of Prince Maurits).

For short histories of some cities (IN DUTCH)

Small maps