Jacob Aertsz Colom De Vyerighe Colom

Here you will find 47 maps of Holland and Belgium from 'De Vyerighe Colom'.
Not all of these maps have yet been scanned.

nr. original title gif/jpg English title
1 Belgii Veteris Typus ... Abr. Ortelii gif/ jpg The Low countries in Ancient time acording to Abr. Ortelius
2 Belgium sive Inferior Germania gif/ jpg The Netherlands
3 Le Duche de Brabant gif/ jpg The Duchy of Brabant
4 La Mayerie de Bolduc, autrement dict Bois le Duc gif/ jpg The bailiwick of Boi le Duc
5 Het Marquisaetschap van Bergen op Zoom gif/ jpg The territory of the Marques of Bergen op Zoom
6 Baroniam Bredanam gif/ jpg The Barony of Breda
7 Ducatus Limburg gif/ jpg The Duch of Limburg
8 Comitatus Valkenburg et Dalem gif/ jpg The County Valkenburg and Dalem
9 Le Duche de Lutzenbourg gif/ jpg The Duchy of Luxemburg
10 Le Duche de Gueldres gif/ jpg The Duch of Guelre
11 Le Terres entre la Muese, Vahal et Rhin gif/ jpg The land between Meuse, Waal and Rhine
12 De Veluwe The Veluwe
13 La Fosse de S. Marie apelle aussi Eugenienne S. Marie canal, also called Eugenienne
14 Le Comte de Zutphen The County Zutphen
15 Comitatus Flandria The County Flandres
16 Partie de la Flandre Orientale Part of East Flandres
17 La Flandre Gallicane French Flandres
18 La Flandre Imperiale Imperial Flandres
19 Partie de la Flandre Occidentale Part of West Flandres
20 De vier Ambachten The Four Manors
21 Le Comte de Haynault The County Hainault
22 Le Comte de Artois The County Artois
23 Dioecesis Leodiensis Accurata Tabula The Diocese of Liege
24 Comitatus Namurci The County Namur
24 Comitatus Namurci The County Namur
25 Le Comte de Hollande The County Holland
26 La Hollande Septentrionale Holland north of the IJ
27 De Zype The Polder Zype
28 Beemster The Polder Beemster
29 De Purmer; De Wormer The Polders Purmer and Wormer
30 Byllemer-meer The Polder Byllemer-meer
31 Caarte van Waterland; Watergraefsmeer anders ghenaempt Diemer Meer Map of Waterland; Polder Watergraafsmeer also called Diemer Meer
32 Caerte van de Heer-Huygenwaert Map of the Polder Heer Hugowaard
33 La Rhinlande, Amstellande etc. Rijnland and Amstelland
34 Table de Delflande, Schielande etc. Map of Delftland and Scieland
35 Nouvelle Table des Isles Dordrecht, Alblasser, Crimper etc. New Map of the Islands Dordrecht, Alvlasser, Crimper etc.
36 Zeelandia Comitatus The County Zeeland
37 Walcheren Walcheren
38 Episcopatus Ultrajectensis vulgo Het Sticht van Utrecht The Bishopric Utrecht in Dutch: Het Sticht van Utrecht
39 Frisia Occidentalis West Friesland
40 Ooster-goe Oostergo
41 Wester-goe Westergo
42 De Zeeven Wolden The Seven Woods
43 Groninga Dominium The Seignory Groningen
44 Mechlinia Dominium The Seignory Mechelen
45 Marchionatus Sacri Imperi The Margraviate of the Holy Roman Empire (Antwerp)
46 Ditio Trans-Isulana The Seignory Overijssel
47 Drentiae Drenthe

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