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Born November 14, 1973, in Basel, Switzerland. Received an MA degree (lic. phil. I) in French (major), General Linguistics (1st minor) and Computer Science (2nd minor) in July 1999 from the University of Basel. April 2000-October 2004: AiO (PhD-student) at the Department of Alfa-Informatica (Humanities Computing) at the University of Groningen (RuG), the Netherlands. PhD thesis successfully defended November 1, 2004. Based in Sydney, Australia, from November 2004 working for Appen Pty Ltd. (A more detailed CV can be found here in a html-version, ps-version or a pdf-version.)



My first languages are Swiss German - related to German, yes, but not quite the same - and German. At quite a young age I also got to learn French which is why I can call myself an almost bilingual speaker of German and French. I learned English and Italian in school and during a 6 months stay in Madison, Wisconsin, US, in 1989, and a 1 month stay in Florence, Italy, in 1992, respectively. In the time that I have been in the Netherlands so far, I have become quite fluent in Dutch as well. A big dream is to learn Arabic one day, but I will need lots of time for that...

What I do when I don't work

From march 2002 until january 2004, I have been a member of the executive committee of the GAIOO (Groninger AiO Overleg) which has now become Grasp!, a political organization which is concerned with the rights of PhD Students and other matters that are of interest to AiO's (stands for `Assistent in Opleiding'). I was responsible for the contact with foreign PhD students and I was the webmaster of our site.

I play volleyball and like sports in general. In April 2002, I started with Tai Chi Chuan, a Chinese form of exercise which teaches you to use your body consciously and be relaxed at the same time. I love going to the movies - mostly independent and small productions -, dancing, going out, cooking, devouring books, scuba diving, windsurfing, kite surfing (just started), playing pinball, doing wild and crazy stuff (like bungee jumping :).

A favorite is also traveling, the longer the better. In February 2001, me and my husband have been to New Zealand and to Seoul, South Korea. In March 2002, we have been traveling in South Africa for a bit more than 2 weeks. In January 2003, we have been to Tasmania, Australia, and Hong Kong. In December 2003, we have been back to Australia, traveling the East Coast this time. On the way back, we stayed in Tokyo for a few days to celebrate the new year. A selection of pictures can be found in my photogallery.

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