BA-scriptieklas: Alignment

  1. Johan Bos: over het schrijven van een BA-scriptie
  2. Levenshtein distance, alignment, dynamic programming, zinsalignment
  3. Woordalignment
  4. Tree-to-tree alignment
    • Jörg Tiedemann, Gideon Kotzé, A Discriminative approach to tree alignment. In: Proceedings of the Workshop on Natural Language Processing Methods and Corpora in Translation, Lexicography, and Language Learning. 2009.
    • Software:‎. This requires the package Megam
    • Peter's software, op basis van (deel) Europarl data.
      cd /net/shared/kleiweg/TaalOplijning/data/ep-00-01-17
      ../../ali -h
      ../../ali *ext.xml
      ../../aligned -h
      ../../aligned *ext.xml
  5. 6 maart, en wellicht 13 maart: John Nerbonne, over alignment in computational dialectology
  6. 20 maart