This page contains a selection of papers presented at the seventh CLIN (Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands) meeting. The meeting was held on November 15, 1996, at IPO, on the premises of the Eindhoven University of Technology.

The aim of the annual CLIN meetings is to provide an opportunity for computational linguists to report on their work. The CLIN meeting also functions as an informal meeting place, primarily for Dutch and Belgian computational linguists, but with an increasing international participation. We were especially happy that Stephen Pulman (SRI International and University of Cambridge) was willing to act as our keynote speaker.

About 70 participants attended the meeting, the program listed 24 presentations, of which 16 were submitted for inclusion in the proceedings. After the reviewing procedure 13 papers remained, which were included in a book, preceded by Pulman's invited paper. The table of contents is of this book is presented on this page, together with links to the DVI and Postscript versions of the papers.

We would like to thank all those who contributed to CLIN VII: the speakers, the participants, the external reviewers (Gosse Bouma, Walter Daelemans, Frank van Eynde, Theo Janssen, Anton Nijholt, Remko Scha and Gertjan van Noord) and the people of IPO's service department. We also thank IPO and the NWO Priority Programme on Language and Speech Technology for sponsoring the meeting.

CLIN VII was held in a period that IPO went through a drastic transformation process, which unfortunately resulted in the dissolution of the Language Group, to which the organizers belonged. We thank our CLIN colleagues for their moral support.

Table of Contents

Invited paper:
Stephen G. Pulman
Conversational Games, Belief Revision and Bayesian Networks [dvi, ps]
Gosse Bouma
Valence Alternation without Lexical Rules [dvi, ps]
Crit Cremers and Maarten Hijzelendoorn
Filtering Left Dislocation Chains in Parsing Categorial Grammer [dvi, ps]
Esther Klabbers
Speech Output Generation in GoalGetter [dvi, ps]
Dimitra Kolliakou
Possessive Affixes and Complement Composition [dvi, ps]
Emiel Krahmer and Kees van Deemter
Presuppositions as Anaphors Revisited [dvi, ps]
Carlos Martín-Vide and Georghe Paun
Modeling Coordination by Means of Operations on Strings and on Derivation Trees [dvi, ps]
Renée Pohlmann and Wessel Kraaij
Improving the Precision of a Text Retrieval System with Compound Analysis [dvi, ps]
Adam Przepiórkowski and Anna Kupsc;
Unbounded Negative Concord in Polish: A Lexicalist HPSG Approach [dvi, ps]
Mieke Rats
Information Update in Dutch Information Dialogues [dvi, ps]
Ineke Schuurman
ANNO: a Multi-functional Flemish Text Corpus [dvi, ps]
Mariët Theune
GoalGetter: Predicting Contrastive Accent in Data-to-Speech Generation [dvi, ps]
Frank van Eynde
On the Notion `Minor Category' [dvi, ps]
Jakub Zavrel, Walter Daelemans and Jorn Veenstra
Resolving PP attachment Ambiguities with Memory-Based Learning [dvi, ps]

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