Some experimental results

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Some experimental results

  In this section we will give some experimental results achieved with a specific version of the generation algorithm described here. This version is implemented in Sicstus Prolog by Herbert Ruessink and the author and runs on a DEC RISC workstation 3100. In the appendix a DCG grammar for a fragment of Dutch is defined. This grammar is compiled into a bottom up parser and a head driven bottom up generator. The small grammar handles the following types of construction:

The time taken to generate some sentences from their corresponding logical forms is given in appendix A.

The algorithm is also in use in a more elaborated system: the MiMo2 research MT system. Usual generation times for this system that contains grammars for Dutch, English and Spanish with a much broader coverage and larger lexicon are satisfactory. However generation times can increase dramatically if analyses are defined where the logical form is build in a non-compositional way.

Gertjan van Noord
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