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An Extendible Regular Expression Compiler for Finite-state Approaches in Natural Language Processing

Gertjan van Noord and Dale Gerdemann


Finite-state techniques are widely used in various areas of Natural Language Processing (NLP). As Kaplan and Kay [12] have argued, regular expressions are the appropriate level of abstraction for thinking about finite-state languages and finite-state relations. More complex finite-state operations (such as contexted replacement) are defined on the basis of basic operations (such as Kleene closure, complementation, composition).

In order to be able to experiment with such complex finite-state operations the FSA Utilities (version 5) provides an extendible regular expression compiler. The paper discusses the regular expression operations provided by the compiler, and the possibilities to create new regular expression operators. The benefits of such an extendible regular expression compiler are illustrated with a number of examples taken from recent publications in the area of finite-state approaches to NLP.