Books on Computational Semantics by Patrick Blackburn & Johan Bos
Representation and Inference for Natural Language
A First Course in Computational Semantics
Chapter 6. Putting It All Together

OK, time to party. We can now build first-order representations in a compositional way for simple natural language expressions. Moreover, we can do so in a way that takes scope ambiguities into account. We also know how to automate the process of performing inference with first-order representations. Now it is time to put the pieces together. As we shall see, by plugging together lambda calculus, quantifier storage, theorem proving, model building, and model checking programs, we can build a system that can handle some simple but interesting interactions with a user. We call this system Curt, short for ``Clever Use of Reasoning Tools''. In this chapter we meet the Curt family: Baby Curt, Rugrat Curt, Clever Curt, Sensitive Curt, Scrupulous Curt, Knowledgeable Curt, and Helpful Curt.