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The recordings that can be heard on these pages were made in the studio of the Faculties of Arts and Law of Groningen University. I wish to thank the staff members of the Video and Audio Department for their technical support and for converting the recordings into streaming audio. 

I am grateful to the following native speakers of Slavic languages who were so kind to have their voices recorded:

  • Elka Agoston-Nikolova (Bulgarian) 

  • Natalya Bogdanova (Russian)

  • Daniela Mackov  (Czech)

  • Aleksandra Popit (Serbian)

  • Valerij Pushkin (Russian)

  • Anton Stepikhov (Russian)

  • Hanna Toby (Polish)

  • Nevenka Vrkić (Croatian)

I was very lucky that for the recordings and the make-up of these web pages I could make use of the collection of texts gathered and digitized by Adriaan Barentsen, former associate professor of Russian linguistics at the University of Amsterdam. 

I shall be grateful for all comments.

Peter Houtzagers (

Last Modified: February 18, 2019