Data Clustering - Change Log

Sources only:
23 mei 2014
New option -O for den.
Sources and Windows binaries:
25 april 2008
New program: clnewick
25 april 2008
Buglet fixed in den concerning the BoundingBox with option -n 0
25 june 2007
New option -s for cluster.
16 januari 2007
Added alternative names for cluster methods in the program cluster.
10 september 2005
The program cluster will abort if a file _CANCEL_.L04 exists in the current directory, or if it is created while cluster is running.
18 july 2005
New option -u for den.
16 july 2004
Replaced use of deprecated header file <values.h> in clgroup, cluster, den, denxview, and difftbl.
30 june 2004
Renaming of variable in den to solve conflict on some compilers.
29 march 2004
Corrected URL in comment in output file of cluster.
30 january 2004
Wrapping long comments in output of cluster.
9 december 2003
Extended the usage for option -m for cluster.
8 december 2003
New options -b, -c, -m, and -r for cluster.
5 december 2003
New option -I for den to use numbers with cluster groups.
17 September 2003
In den: the maximum size of the dendrogram was not always correct for Centroid clustering.
9 June 2003
A possible bug in clgroup has been fixed.
8 April 2003
The program cluster has a new option -N to add noise before clustering. Makefile modified.
24 November 2002
The program den has two new options for using 'rainbow colours'. Fixed some numbers in the usage message.
11 October 2002
The program den now accepts non-integer values for the options -r, -s and -S.
8 August 2002
Changed the order of number assignment in clgroup with option -i.
7 August 2002
New option -Q for den: dendrograms with symbols.
31 May 2002
The following programs were corrected for a possible bug in the use of the isspace() function, and its relatives: clgroup, cluster, den, denview, denxview, difftbl. The program denview.exe could not be recompiled, because I longer have Borland C.
6 December 2001
New option -o for difftbl, cluster, den, and clgroup; renaming old option -o for den to -p
15 November 2001
Small changes in the code to recompile EXE-files (except denview.c) with GCC for Windows, should eliminate memory problems (older versions were compiled with Borland C 3.0 for MS-DOS)
25 October 2001
Bug fix in PostScript code generated by den
25 October 2001
clgroup now puts quotes around labels if necessary
18 October 2001
den now has many options for various shapes of dendrograms, room for more labels, colors, patterns, fine tuning, and more
14 August 2000
New program clgroup for cluster grouping
14 August 2000
denxview now supports horizontal resizing