Interlingua support in LaTeX

Last update: 17 October 2003, 21:45 UTC

See also: Interlingua & Ispell

TeX hyphenation patterns

File with hyphenation patterns for Interlingua: This is my first attempt. Still some guesswork involved. Still some proofreading to be done.

Below is the file that was used to create the patterns. Please have a look at this file if you think you can help to improve the hyphenation.

Once the hyphenation patterns are mature, I will upload them to CTAN.

Babel files

Warning: This is a temporary patch for Babel version 3.7, for local use only. You are not allowed to redistribute Babel once it is altered with these files. These files are available only until Interlingua support is added to the official Babel distribution.


  1. Download and unpack Babel version 3.7 from CTAN.
  2. Download these files and copy them to the directory that has the Babel sources:
  3. Run the command: patch < babel.patch
  4. Build and install Babel according to the instructions.
  5. Copy iahyphen.tex to the directory with hyphenation files.
  6. Run: texhash
  7. Run: texconfig hyphen latex
    and add the following line to language.dat:
            interlingua     iahyphen.tex