Table of Contents

  1. Erik Aarts and Kees Trautwein Non-associative Lambek Categorial Grammar in Polynomial Time [DVI,PS]

  2. Gosse Bouma and Gertjan van Noord A Lexicalist Account of the Dutch Verbal Complex [DVI,PS]

  3. Joke Dorrepaal An Alternative to the Binding Theory [DVI,PS]

  4. Tomaz Erjavec Formalising Realizational Morphology in Typed Feature Structures [DVI,PS]

  5. Willem-Olaf Huijsen Genetic Grammatical Inference [DVI,PS] Note: no pictures in .dvi version.

  6. Trond Kirkeby-Garstad and Krisztina Polgardi Against Prosodic Composition [PS] (LONG: >1 Meg)

  7. Marc M. Lankhorst A Genetic Algorithm for the Induction of Context-Free Grammars [DVI,PS]

  8. Sjaak de Mey On the (In)dispensibility of Senses [DVI,PS]

  9. Herbert Ruessink Tree Logic: A Formal Perspective on Transformations [DVI,PS]

  10. Henk Schotel SeSynPro, Towards a Workbench for Semantic Syntax [PS]

  11. Pieter A.M. Seuren Translation Relations in Semantic Syntax PS

  12. Wilco G. ter Stal and Paul E. van der Vet Two-level Semantic Analysis of Compounds: a Case Studie in Linguistic Engineering [DVI,PS]

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