Table of Contents

  1. Invited Talk:
    Annie Zaenen & Geoff Nunberg
    Communication Technology, Linguistic Technology and the Multilingual Individual [DVI,PS]

  2. Erik Aarts Complexity of Pure Prolog Programs [DVI,PS]

  3. René Ahn, Leen Kievit, Gerrit Rentier & Margriet Verlinden Two Levels of Semantic Representation in DENK [DVI,PS]

  4. Walter Daelemans, Peter Berck & Steven Gillis Linguistics as Data Mining: Dutch Diminutives [DVI,PS]

  5. Annius Groenink Formal Mechanisms for Movement and Surface Structure in Dutch [DVI,PS]

  6. Danny Kersten & Gerrit van der Hoeven Valency in Casting Systems [DVI,PS]

  7. Geert-Jan M. Kruijff & Jan Schaake Discerning Relevant Information in Discourses Using TFA [DVI,PS]

  8. Jan Odijk Generation of Coherent Monologues [DVI,PS]

  9. Erik F. Tjong Kim Sang The Limitations of Modeling Finite State Grammars with Simple Recurrent Networks [DVI,PS]

  10. Leen Torenvliet and Marten Trautwein A Note on the Complexity of Restricted Attribute-Value Grammars [DVI,PS]

  11. Marten Trautwein The Complexity of Structure Sharing in Unification-Based Grammars [DVI,PS]

  12. Mettina Veenstra A Minimalist Head-corner Parser [DVI,PS]

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