Black Book

A Festschrift for Frans Zwarts

Edited by Jack Hoeksema and Dicky Gilbers


  1. Jack Hoeksema & Dicky Gilbers, Foreword
  2. Johan van Benthem, Those who must do it: The agency of language
  3. Alied Blom, Nederlandse klanken – onuitspreekbaar of toch niet?
  4. Gosse Bouma & John Nerbonne, Applying the Espresso algorithm to large parsed corpora
  5. Norber Corver, Adverbial[Pr ly]
  6. Ken Drozd, Bart Hollebrandse & Angeliek Van Hout, Three semantic puzzles for children
  7. Renata Fonville & Henriëtte de Swart, Double negatives and intonation in Dutch
  8. Anastasia Giannakidou, The prospective as nonveridical: polarity items, speaker commitment, and projected truth
  9. Dicky Gilbers, In search of the optimal hit record
  10. Eric Hoekstra, Semantic maps and negative polarity
  11. Bart Hollebrandse, Jennifer Spenader & Petra Hendriks, Dutch children's interpretation of quantificational determiners: Must the universal property of conservativity be learned?
  12. Laurence R. Horn, The cloud of unknowing
  13. Theo Janssen & Frederike van der Leek, Nedum ‘let alone’ and non solum ‘not only’ analysed in the humanist tradition from Lorenzo Valla to Desiderius Erasmus
  14. Jan de Jong & Paul Fletcher, Argument Structure and Specific Language Impairment: retrospect and prospect
  15. Jing Lin, Fred Weerman & Hedde Zeijlstra, Mandarin shenme as a superweak NPI
  16. Richard T. Oehrle. Intensionality in Non-Constituent Conjunction
  17. Judith Rispens, Elise de Bree & Annemarie Kerkhoff. What’s in a suffix? The past tense in Dutch children with reading problems
  18. Pieter A.M. Seuren, Universe Restriction in the Logic of Language
  19. Jennifer Spenader, Frank Richter & Janina Radó. Experimental investigations of licensing environments for NPIs in English
  20. Laurie Stowe, Robert Hartsuiker,Magda de Vos & Jack Hoeksema, Measuring Variation in Perception of Acceptability: A Magnitude Estimation Investigation of Netherlands and Belgian Dutch
  21. Nanne Streekstra, The concept of femininity in poetry of the early modern period: Reasoning and metaphor
  22. Henk Verkuyl, Generalized quantification and associations
  23. Mark de Vries. Dislocatie zonder copying rules
  24. Ton van der Wouden, Een artikel voor Frans Zwarts over of zo en zo, of zo? [Note: this is a better version than the one in print!]
  25. Jan-Wouter Zwart. The tense of infinitives in Dutch