From Carillon to IBM

The musical roots of information technology

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Some links


Bouchon and the Jacquard loom

The Jacquard loom

Jacquard loom at the Smithsonian


Major sites for mechanical music

Musica Mecanica (France)

The Musical Box Society of Great Britain

Mechanical Music (Germany)

The Musical Box Society International (USA)

Museums of mechanical music in France

Mechanical Music Digest  (forum)


The player piano (pianola)

On piano rolls (some great pictures)

Player piano web ring



World Carillon Federation

Flemish Carillon Guild

Guild of Carillonneurs (N America)

Dutch Carillon Association

Dutch National Carillon Museum

Gideon Bodden (many links)


Historical automata

Histoire des automates (beautiful!)

The British clockmaker (jaquemarts, automata)

On cams and automata

Automatists of the 18th century

Vaucanson's duck(1)

Vaucanson's duck (2)

Maillardet's automaton

Some animations