Introduction to Statistics (for graduate students in linguistics)

Instructor: John Nerbonne (course under development, always)
LOT Winter School 2009
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Course Materials

  1. Description & Schedule
  2. Sheets for Lectures
    1. Descriptive Concepts
    2. Sampling, z-Tests, Confidence Intervals
    3. T-Tests
    4. ANOVA
    5. Mann-Whitney, Wilcoxon & Sign Tests
    6. Nominal Data
    7. Choice of Tests.
  3. Pencil and Paper Assignments
    1. Interpreting Scores (standard normal)
    2. Sample Statistics
  4. Some calculator exercises (Tamás Bíró) These are meant in particular for students seeking more confidence in the basics, including the basic math.
  5. SPSS Assignments
    The lab assignments originated with me (JN), but Wilbert Heeringa added a lot (ca. 2000-2002). Mik van Es revised them, adding questions to link the labs to the theoretical material better (2008). Tamás Bíró took a further pass, also making substantial improvements.
  6. Extra Material (in English). This site traces the different examples in the Moore and McCabe textbook through with various calculations and graphics. Helps in understanding the material.