Civilizations under Siege - The European Conquest of the Americas

By Edward J. Dodson

    Not Quite all Quiet on the Western Front

  1. Viking Settlement and the Mandans
  2. Development of the Indigenous Tribes
  3. Life before Europeans Arrived

  4. The Appearance of Settled and More Highly Structured Groups
  5. Communitarian Way of Life
  6. The Debate over the Morality Questions
  7. The Quest for Land
  8. To Divide and Conquer

  9. Pattern of Exploration and Annihilation
  10. Resisting the European Onslaught
  11. Jefferson's Attitude towards the Indigenous Peoples
  12. "Democratical Radicals"
  13. African Empires and Societies

  14. African Empires
  15. European Conquest & Commerce in Africa
  16. The Quest for Monopoly in the East

  17. Portugal & Spain - Quest for Monopoly in the East
  18. Spain's Territorial Conquest in the Americas
  19. North/South Conflicts Reach the Americas

  20. Europe's North/South Conflicts Reach the Americas
  21. Shifting the Balance of Power
  22. Right of Occupancy in North America
  23. Conflict for Soveignty in North America Continued
  24. Sovereignty Denied

  25. First European Exploration and Exploitation
  26. Unanticipated Changes lead to War
  27. Final Stage of Conquest
  28. Westward Migration towards the Interior
  29. Purchasing Sovereignty from Thieves

  30. Creating a Frontier Society after the Louisiana Purchase
  31. Tribal Resistance under the Leadership of Tecumseh
  32. Removal of the Cherokees to Oklahoma
  33. The Seeds of Empirebuilding
  34. Conclusion

  35. Notes