An Outline of American History is one of the oldest continuing publications of the United States Information Agency (USIA). The first edition (1949-50) was produced under the editorship of Francis Whitney, first of the State Department Office of International Information and later of the U.S. Information Agency. Richard Hofstadter, professor of history at Columbia University, and Wood Gray, professor of American history at The George Washington University, served as academic consultants. D. Steven Endsley of Berkeley, California, prepared additional material. It has been updated and revised extensively over the years by, among others, Keith W. Olsen, professor of American history at the University of Maryland, and Nathan Glick, writer and former editor of the USIA journal, Dialogue. Allan Winkler, professor of history at Miami University (Ohio), wrote the post-World War II chapters for the current edition, and the entire volume has been extensively revised by the staff editors listed here.

Howard Cincotta

Contributing Editors (alphabetical):
  • Deborah M.S. Brown
  • Stephen Burant
  • Michelle Green
  • Jeanne S. Holden
  • Richard Marshall

Scheré Johnson-Jordan

Barbara Morgan

Internet Editor:
Suzanne Dawkins

Published by
the United States Information Agency, May 1994

We corrected the spelling of the name of professor Allan Winkler, which was not spelled correctly.