Gertjan van Noord

University of Groningen
PO Box 716 NL 9700 AS Groningen
+31-(0)50 3637811
Harmonie 11-431

GJ van Noord GJ van Noord GJ in HPC folder, may 2010

Research Grant from Nuance Foundation *** ACL board *** Informatiekunde in Groningen *** EU-project QTLeap

the good knight Research material, including electronic versions of most of my publications and information on projects I work(ed) on (such as Ovis, Alpino, Imix, D-Coi, IRME, Lassy, Daisy, Duoman, Paco-MT, TTNWW)
software Software, including Alpino, FSA Utilities, Hdrug, Textcat
clin Home Page of CLIN. Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands. Overview of CLIN meetings and CLIN proceedings, including links to the on-line proceedings of more recent meetings, and announcements of next meetings.
courses Course material
looblog I walk a lot, and enjoy nature, you can follow my adventures in my looblog (in Dutch).

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