Research activities Gertjan van Noord

illustration by Robbert Prins





Nuance Foundation Grant: Parsing Algorithms for Uncertain Input

EU Project: QTLeap

CLARIN Project TST Tools voor het Nederlands als Webservices in Workflow (TTNWW)

STEVIN Project Dutch Language Investigation of Summarization Technology (DAISY)

STEVIN Project Dutch Language Online Media Analysis (DUOMAN)

STEVIN Project Large Scale Syntactic Annotation of written Dutch (LASSY)

STEVIN Project Dutch Language Corpus Initiative (D-COI)

STEVIN Project Identification and Representation of Multiword Expressions (IRME)

NWO Programme Interactive Multimodal Information Extraction (IMIX)

NWO PIONIER Project Algorithms for Linguistic Processing (ALPINO)

NWO Priority Programme Language and Speech Technogology (OVIS)

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