We are pleased to be able to say that the seventh CLIN meeting was a succes. We would like to thank anyone that attended the meeting for their contributions, which helped make it a fruitful and successful conference. The meeting was held last year and was organised by IPO in Eindhoven. IPO was then the Institute for Perception Research, but has recently changed its name to IPO, centre for research on user-system interaction.

A compilation of a selection of the papers presented at CLIN 1996 will be made. It will be issued at the next CLIN meeting in 1997.

At CLIN meetings, computational linguistics researchers in the Netherlands and Dutch-speaking Belgium gather and present their research. The meeting is also open to international participation. The default language of the conference is continental English. However, presentations with a Dutch title and abstract may be held in Dutch.

In 1996, Stephen Pulman of SRI International in Cambridge and the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory presented a keynote lecture on Conversational Games, Belief Revision, and Commitment.

The local organisers,

Jan Landsbergen,
Jan Odijk,
Kees van Deemter and
Gert Veldhuijzen van Zanten

The proceedings are electronically available.

Abstracts of the talks

For more information:

Jan Landsbergen
IPO, Center for Research on User-System Interaction
P.O. Box 513
5600 MB   Eindhoven
fax: +31 (0)40 2773876
email: clin96@ipo.tue.nl

CLIN 96 was sponsored by:

Priority Programme
Language and Speech Technology (TST)

IPO Center for Research
on User-System Interaction
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