Bibliography and Credits

Bibliography of Principal Reference Works Consulted in the Preparation of this Outline of American History

Of the many inquiries that are received by the United States Information Service, a large proportion are concerned with American history. This booklet is an attempt to supply some Of the answers in a concise and convenient form and to trace some of the major currents of thought and development in the nation's growth. This is in no sense a definitive history of the United States; each of the periods here treated within the space of a few pages has been the subject of exhaustive research and scholarship. The reader will find listed on this page a few of the many authoritative works available for the thorough study of American history. It is hoped that this booklet will serve as a useful introduction to the subject and that it will thereby add to the store of shared knowledge and mutual understanding between those who read it and the people of the United States.

This booklet prepared by Frances Friedman, Magazine Branch, International Press and Publications Divisions, 011, U.S. Department of State. Consultants: Dr. Wood Gray, Professor of American History, George Washington University, Washington, D. C.; Dr. Richard Hofstadter, Assistant Professor of History, Columbia University, New York.

Illustrations, courtesy of: Wadsworth Athaeneum; New York Historical Society; Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts; Ketterlinus Lithographic Manufacturing Company; Yale University Art Gallery; New York Public Library; Department of Public Buildings, Boston, Massachusetts; Historical Society of Pennsylvania; International Harvester Export Company; State House, Sacramento, California; Tennessee Valley Authority; Department of the Army; Department of the Navy; Department of the Treasury.