Volunteer - how to contribute

As you may have noticed, this is a project and not a completely finished product and in view of the nature of history, it probably will never reach that state. Still, we are trying to improve the quality of the whole hypertext as much as we can. A part of this work is done in student-projects at this university. For the rest we rely on volunteers.

What subjects ?

The only restriction we would like to make is, that your contribution must be with the topic of this project. We would like it most if you would pick one of the subjects for which we are searching volunteers (the "end of the road links" in the text), but all other original contributions are welcome.
All contributions should deal with USA-history in one form or another. If you would like to present another view on a topic that has already been treated, you are most welcome. History is not a simple tale how it really was, but a never complete collection of views on the past. The hypertext-approach allows us to present an infinite number of views alongside each other.

What form ?

Your contribution should preferably be an ASCII text (preferably without HTML-mark-up), but if that would cause problems, we can deal with any word processor format. We will take care of the mark-up in the style of the project.
However, we have no funds available and cannot pay for contributions. But remember that at this moment about 6.000.000 people have had a look at these pages and this makes it quite a good form of "self-promotion" and you will always have the copyright on your contributions, implying that you can use your text later for other purposes if you want to. We would like to make the restriction that it is not possible to withdraw contributions.
We do not only solicit original contributions. If you can provide ASCII transcriptions of important original sources, we would like to receive them, if they are FREE OF COPYRIGHTS. If you are in doubt about this, please contact George Welling.

Rights of the Authors

All authors keep complete legal copyrights to their contributions. If authors have their own WWW-pages, a link to these pages can be built in. If authors would like to give additional information about themselves, we can make a link to a page dedicated to this.

To contribute...,

Please get in touch with George Welling about other aspects of joining the select group of contributors.