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Greg Bailey
Biography of William Blackstone
Danny Barnhoorn
Several sourcedocuments
Marike Blauw
Battle of Concord
Marianne Bouman
John Dickenson
Larry Brasington, Jr
Robert E. Lee
Suzanne Broersen
Daniel Leonard
Lisa Marie DeCarolis

Mike Crane
Progressive Historiography of the American War for Independence
The biography of Alexander Hamilton
Lisa Cozzens
A Hard Shove for a "Nation on the Brink": The Impact of Dred Scott With Little Deliberate Speed: School Integration in Prince George's County, Maryland
Darla Davis
To Tax or not to Tax
Paul Dean
Woodrow Wilson's Administration
Stephen R. Demkin
Politics and Sectionalism in the 1850's
Richard DeStefano
Thomas Paine's The Crisis, Number One, 1776
Richard Dixon
biography John Marshall
Tony D'Urso
Andrew Jackson and the Bankwar
Digna Faber
Biography of Adam Smith The conversion to HTML of The Virginia Declaration of Rights Autobiography of Fredrick Douglass
Edward Flaherty
A Brief History of Central Banking in the United States
Richard H. Gassan
Carey & Lea, Printer and Publisher: Seasonal Variations in its Business Cycle, 1833-1836
Richard C. Green
response to the thirteenth amendment-article
Alexander Grey
Opinions of the Supreme Court in the Dred Scott case, 1856 The Slaughterhouse cases (in preparation) Jackson's Bank Veto Message, July 10, 1832
Robert E. Gustavson
John Caldwell> Calhoun
Steve Hanna
Warren G. Harding, III, M.D.
Biography of Warren G. Harding
Lise Hordnes
Does Film Noir mirror the culture of contemporary America?
Cassandra Jansen
Boston Teaparty The conversion to HTML of The Virginia Declaration of Rights Autobiography of Fredrick Douglass
Brenda Kamphuis
battle of Lexington
Philip Keffer
The Seven Years War
Brett Kottman
Reagan's speeches
Adam M. Kravetz
The French and Indian War's Impact on America
J. Alexander Kutch Jr.
William Barret Travis: Letter from the Alamo 1836
Fred Kunze
John Locke
Richard Hakluyt, Discourse of western planting, 1584 From: Samuel de Champlain, Voyages , 1604 Thomas Paine Conversion to HTML of Jefferson's first inaugural address Instructions for the Virginia Colony, 1606 Adam Smith, Of Colonies" Columbus, Letter to the King and Queen of Spain, 1494
Erin Ruth Leonard
Theodore Roosevelt's Broad Powers
Jim Liesenfelt
John Adams Biography
Michael T. Lubragge
Manifest Destiny
Peter van der Maas
Henry Kissinger and the Détente
Sofya Medvedev
Was the American Revolution a Real revolution?
Marcus Luke Milam
Truman's Farewell address Clinton's inaugural address
Fokke van der Molen
The Jefferson Letters
Amato P. Mongelluzzo
the national anthem of the USA, the Star-spangled banner
Age Mooy
French and Indian Wars
Hal Morris
Biography of Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson's duel The Whig party
Mark R. Murkes
James Wilson
Marieke van Ophem
the Iron Horse: the impact of the railroads on 19th century American society
John G. Otto
The annual presidential addresses from Washington to Jackson
Mark P. Painter
Biography of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Biography of William Howard Taft Biography of Warren G. Harding
James A. Pavolini
Biography of Richard Henry Lee
Lydia L. Rapoza
Salmon Portland Chase Edwin McMasters Stanton
Stephen Ray
The Battle of Lake Champlain
Dylan van Rijsbergen
Townshend Duties
Doug Robertson
Ethan Allen
Karl J. Schmidt
the League of Nations
Ed Siskin
Letter of Samuell Searls, May 12, 1782
Jan Hendrik Smeenge
Edmund Burke
Claire Michelle Smith
Ken Kesey Neal Cassady
Matthew Snow
The Biography of Lord North
Peter Stam
The Black Lost Cause. Colored Service in the Confederate Army
David Tomlinson
Edgar Allan Poe's Humor
Alexander Valentine
Biography Aaron Burr Jr
Keijo Virtanen
The role of Philosophy and Literature in building up the national identity of the early 19th century United States
Arjan de Vries
Edward Randolph condemns the Massachussetts Bay Company before the Lords of Trade 12 June 1683
Anthony Wikrent
Biography of Henry Carey Excerpts from : Henry Carey - The Harmony of Interests: Agricultural, Manufacturing & Commercial (1851) Excerpts from : Henrey Carey - The Slave Trade, Domestic and Foreign. (1853)
Gary Williams
George Mason and the Bills of Rights -reprint
Bill J. Wilms
Nova Scotia during the American Revolution
Gerben Zaagsma
The Stamp Act and the Sugar Act
Jim Zwick
John Hay to Andrew D. White, First Open Door Note , September 6 1899

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