Preface to the First Reprinting

Well, what a year it’s been! Interest in Learn Prolog Now! continues to grow. College Publications brought out the first paperback edition in June 2006, and since then the number of hits on the website ( ) has increased steadily. The most dramatic month was May 2007 when we had 6,322 unique visitors; a reader submitted the LPN! link to Reddit ( ) and for a heady moment we felt a bit like Smosh!

We’ve also been pleased by the emails we continue to get from students and instructors using the material. Some point out typos, others tell us of their experiences in teaching or learning with the book, and a pleasing number simply want to say “Thank you!”. All in all, it was fast becoming clear that it was about time for a first (corrected) reprinting.

But what really made us get down to work was the sudden appearance of a French translation. Hélène Manuélian, who began translating LPN! shortly after its appearance in paperback, finished earlier than anticipated — so suddenly we had Prolog Tout de Suite ! on our hands too! This inspired us all to get down to the task of correcting and improving the English version.

So, here it is again, all squeaky clean. Once again, if you like the website, we hope you like the (new!) paperback even more. And, as usual, we wish you every success in your endeavours to Learn Prolog Now!


Once again we’re in debt to many people: everyone who gave us feedback on the first printing and the website, and (as ever) to the indefatigable Jane Spurr. However this time we owe a particularly deep debt to Sébastien Hinderer, Eric Kow, Matthieu Quignard, and (of course) Hélène Manuélian. Their work on Prolog Tout de Suite ! , not only created a beautiful translation, it also helped us with the present volume. Warmest thanks to all.

Patrick Blackburn
INRIA Nancy Grand-Est, France
Johan Bos
Department of Computer Science
University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy
Kristina Striegnitz
Computer Science Department
Union College, Schenectady, NY, United States
October 2007.

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