Statistics II (for liberal arts students)

Instructor: John Nerbonne (course under development) Click on the lecture (etc.) title to see more.

Announcements 2006

Course Materials

  1. Description (in Dutch)
  2. Schedule 2006 (Handleiding)
  3. Intellectual Responsibility
  4. Sheets for Lectures
    1. ANOVA
    2. Multiple Anova
    3. Correlation and Regression
    4. Exploratory Techniques
    5. Choice of Tests.
  5. Laboratory Assignments
    1. SPSS Assignments (in Dutch)
    2. Worked-out Examples of Some SPSS Assignments (in Dutch) -- similar to course assignments (These are especially intended for students who miss a practical session and the explanation of how to work things in SPSS.) Please note that the SPSS commands are given in great detail, but not until the end of the various files. Does not include more advanced exercises.
  6. Material for Final (in Dutch)
    1. Example Final (in Dutch)
  7. Questions? (in Dutch)
    1. Vragen van studenten