We are pleased to announce that Learn Prolog Now! is now available in book form: on 15 June 2006 it was published by College Publications as Volume 7 of their Texts in Computer Science series.

Learn Prolog Now has been available as a web-book since 2001. Over this period we have received numerous requests for a real hold-in-your-hands version of LPN! (that is, what is technically known as a ‘book’!). Well, we've finally produced such a thing, but we've done more than that. While preparing it, we took the opportunity to make extensive changes and improvements. The most important are the following:

  • We have rewritten a number of crucial sections. In particular, we have lengthened and improved our discussion of unification, proof search, recursion, termination, and DCGs.
  • We have made numerous small corrections and changes throughout the text (thanks to the many readers who pointed out errors and infelicities).
  • We took the opportunity to get rid of non-ISO constructs used in the web-book.
  • We added a Preface (telling a little about the history of LPN!) and an introduction (which discusses Prolog from a more general perspective). We also added an appendix briefly discussing some other books on Prolog that we liked.
  • We added new exercises, worked them all, and put all the answers into an appendix.

So, there you have it: LPN!, the handheld version.

Order the book at:
amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, amazon.de, amazon.fr, amazon.ca, amazon.co.jp, Barnes and Noble, or bol.com.

Click here for a BibTeX entry. And click here for a list of errata.

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