Several Prolog environments are available, and probably the best idea is simply to google what's available. But we list here some of the more widely used systems. Or go to the comp.lang.prolog FAQ for a more complete list.

SWI-Prolog A Free Software Prolog environment, licensed under the Lesser GNU public license. This popular interpreter was developed by Jan Wielemaker. This is the interpreter we used while developing this book.
SICStus Prolog Industrial strength Prolog environment from the Swedish Institute of Computer Science.
GNU Prolog Another more widely used free Prolog compiler developed by Daniel Diaz.
YAP Prolog A Prolog compiler developed at the Universidade do Porto and Universidade Federa do Rio de Janeiro. Free for use in academic environments.
Strawberry Prolog Strawberry Prolog is specially designed for education. It works with Windows Vista/XP as well as Unix/Linux. It is developed at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and can be downloaded from
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