Statistics I (for students of language and communication)

Instructor: John Nerbonne and Martijn Wieling (course under development, always)
Course Number: LIX001X05 (Informatiekunde) 'Information Science'
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Jet Langerak, RuG Dichter, 2011-2012

Het heeft wat weg van toveren
abracadabra alpha en anova

Verbeeld ik me romantisch drama
betrouwbaarheid en vrijheidsgraden

correlatie behoeftig ben ik vaak genoeg,

Schat je,
in wolken van punten,
mijn bovengemiddeld voldoende

Ha: inzet heeft effect,
dat kan worden aangenomen.

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See Nestor site, Statistiek I (LIX001X05).

Frequently Asked (Organizational) Questions

Lab sections, resits, credit for other courses (vrijstellingen, etc.

Course Materials

  1. Description (in Dutch)
  2. Schedule, Information 2015-2016 (Handleiding)
  3. Intellectual Responsibility
  4. Films of Lectures, 2008-2009.
  5. Sheets for Lectures (hint: use Adobe Reader to print two sheets/page)
    1. Descriptive Concepts
    2. Sampling, z-Tests, standard error, Confidence Intervals..
      .pdf version w. page numbers here
      • Experiment with normal distribution, sample size, SE's here.
    3. t-Tests for indep. samples, for single samples
      • Experiment with t-distribution, standard deviations, α-thresholds, & sample sizes, here.
    4. t-Tests for dependent samples (aka paired data)
      .pdf version w. page numbers here
    5. Nominal Data
    6. Mann-Whitney, Wilcoxon & Sign Tests
      .pdf version w. page numbers here
    7. Questionnaires
    8. Choice of Tests.
  6. Pencil and Paper Assignments
    Not that these are not turned in, but will be discussed in the "problems" section. Late in the quarter I'll post answers, too, but work the problems out, then compare the answers!
    1. Interpreting Scores (standard normal)
    2. Sample Statistics
  7. SPSS Assignments
    1. SPSS Assignments (in Dutch)
    2. Worked-out Examples of SPSS Assignments (in Dutch) -- similar to course assignments (These are especially intended for students who miss a practical session and the explanation of how to work things in SPSS.) Please note that the SPSS commands are given in great detail, but not until the end of the various files.
    3. S-PLUS Assignments (in English) Lab Assignments 1 through 5 are quite similar to the assignments in this course.
  8. Statistics Quiz Site (in Dutch)
  9. Extra Material (in English). This site traces the different examples in the Moore and McCabe textbook through with various calculations and graphics. Helps in understanding the material.
  10. Material for Final (in Dutch)
    1. Material for Final (in Dutch) Hoofdstukken van Tekstboek (Field, 4e ed.), Formules, Begrippen, Diagrammen
    2. Old version of material for Final (in Dutch) Hoofdstukken van Tekstboek (Field, 3e ed.), Formules, Begrippen, Diagrammen
    3. Example Final (in Dutch)
  11. Questions? (in Dutch)
    1. Vragen van studenten