Readings for Language Technology

Book (Background Material)

Ron Cole, Joseph Mariani, Hans Uszkoreit, Giovanni Batista Varile, Annie Zaenen, Antonio Zampolli, and Victor Zue The State of the Art in Human Language Technology Cambridge University Press, 1997. Web Version available here. See individual weeks as well.

Weekly Readings

Week Theme Readings
1. 31 Aug Why Language Technology?
  1. Hans Uszkoreit "Language Technology. A First Overview"
  2. John Nerbonne Natural Language Interfaces and the Turing Test: In Franciska M.G. de Jong and Anton Nijholt Natural Language Interfaces: From Laboratory to Commercial and User Environment 1993, Twente, pp. 15-21.
  3. John Nerbonne "Computer-Assisted Language Learning and Natural Language Processing" from R. Mitkov (ed.) Handbook of Computational Linguistics, OUP, 2002,670-698.
  4. Timo Lauttamus, John Nerbonne and Wybo Wiersma "Detecting Syntactic Contamination in Emigrants: The English of Finnish Australians" SKY21 2007, 273-307.
2. 7 Sept. Habeas Corpus!
  1. Joan Bresnan "Is Syntactic Knowledge Probabilistic? Experiments with the English Dative Alternation" from S. Featherston & W. Sternefeld (eds.) Roots. Linguistics in Search of its Evidential Base Walter de Gruyter: Berlin. 2007. 75-96.
  2. Steve Abney "Statistical Methods and Linguistics" from J. Klavans & and P. Resnik (eds.), The Balancing Act MIT Press: Cambridge, MA. 1995. 1-26.
3. 14 Sept. Discourse
  1. Barbara Grosz and Candace Sidner "Attention, Intentions and the Structure of Discourse" Computational Linguistics 12, 1986, 175-204.
  2. Caroline Sporleder and Alex Lascarides "Exploiting Linguistic Cues to Classify Rhetorical Relations" In: Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing IV: Selected Papers from RANLP 2005, 2007, Amsterdam: Benjamins, 157-164.
4. 21 Sept. Simulating Lg. Acquistion
  1. John Goldsmith "Segmentation and Morphology" to appear in Alex Clark, Chris Fox, and Shalom Lappin (eds.) Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing Handbook Blackwell: London. From Goldsmith's web site on 16 Sept. 2009:
5. 28 Sept. Machine Translation
  1. Kevin Knight Notes for a Statistical Machine Translation Tutorial, Johns Hopkins Summer School, 1999.
Information Extraction
  1. John Kizito et al. Computational Linguistics and History of Science Submitted (9/2008) to Liborio Dibattista (ed.) Storia della Scienza e Linguistica Computationale (History of Science and Computational Linguistics)
6. 5 Oct. Linguistic Variation
  1. John Nerbonne Data-Driven Dialectology Language and Linguistics Compass 3(1), 2009, 175-198. DOI: 10.1111/j.1749-818x2008.00114.x
  1. Martin Kay "Chart Generation" In: Proceedings of the 34th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics. 1996. 200-204., DOI 10.3115/981863.981890
  2. John Carroll and Stephan Oepen "High-Efficiency Realization for a Wide-Coverage Unification Grammar" In: Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. 3651, 2005. Springer: Berlin. 165-176.
7. Thurs.! Oct. 8 Exam Preparation See Nestor site.


Dr. Jennifer Spenader normally teaches this course and kindly made her materials available. About two-thirds of the materials on corpora were developed by Jennifer and all of the materials on discourse.


The Association for Computational Linguistics comprises over 2,000 researchers world wide and holds several annual conferences in different parts of the world.
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