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software for dialectometrics and cartography


1. Introduction

Overview. The purpose of this software
Not just for dialects

2. Example: Pennsylvania, phonetic distances

Simple measurement using the Levenshtein method
Clustering using Ward's Method
Visualisation: dendrogram, simple cluster map in colour or black and white

3. Example: Pennsylvania, lexical distances

Levenshtein again, binary differences, and measuring the Gewichteter Identitätswert
Multidimensional scaling (MDS)
Visualisation: MDS plot, MDS map

4. On collecting dialect data

How do I get the data in the right format?

5. On making maps

How do I make a map for a new area?

6. Validation

Local incoherence
Example: lexical measurement with removal of infrequent words

7. Example: Germany

Clustering: cophenetic distances, fuzzy clustering, MDS
Visualisation: composite cluster map, vector map

8. Comparing sound sequences

Coding of speech sound with X-Sampa
Splitting sound sequences into tokens
Levenshtein measurement using phonetic features

9. R

Software package for statistical analysis