The Story of Ethan Allen (1738-1789)


The following people, offices, associations, and groups of people have all contributed their generous help to this paper. without any one of them, this paper could not have been written.

Gordon Clark Ramsey, all of the students in the 1996 spring term History as Detection" class, the Connecticut Historical Society; Leslie Bowman, advertising department at the Ethan Allen furniture Co.; John M. Kissko, teacher and friend; the town clerk's offices of Burlington and Bennington, Vermont; Richard Lazerini and Dominica at the study abroad office, University of Hartford; William Kimbrel of Hillyer College, Univeristy of Hartford; Lisa Lubow, Professor of History; Cathy White, staff assistant at the office of the Vermont Secretary of State; David Bryan at the Ethan Allen Trust Fund; Gregory Sanford, Archivist at the office of the Vermont Secretary of State; Virginia Moskowitz, Historian for the Town of Salisbury; Michael A. Bellesiles, Historian, author, and Professor of History at Emory University in Georgia; The librarians at the Scoville Library in Salisbury Connecticut; John Krueger at the University of Vermont Developement office; and the University of Vermont Library and archives.