Issues for the future

There is a full and challenging agenda of international economic problems before us. Our success in dealing with this agenda will have a major impact on our overall foreign policy. Our goals will be to:

Found our global economic relations on a strong domestic base. International economic policy begins at home.
Improve the management of our international economic relations. We will look to the new Council on International Economic Policy to integrate our governmental efforts and blend our domestic and foreign economic policies.
Improve the means by which national economies can adjust to each other in a world of increased economic interdependence. We must work with others to solidify and further improve the world monetary system.
Help promote the development of lower income countries. We will seek Congressional approval of our new foreign assistance program and apply its principles of partnership with recipients and other donors alike.
Defend and encourage liberal trade policies abroad and at home. Fresh policies and enlightened partnership with our friends will be required to stem protectionism, solve the problems that feed it and regain momentum toward a world of freer commerce.