No goal could be greater than to make the next generation the first in this century in which America was at peace with every nation in the world.

Address on the State of the Union,
January 22, 1970

In the first year of this administration we outlined a new American role. In 1970 we implemented policies which embody our new purpose.

This year, as any year, saw crises. We dealt with them without new war and while winding down the war we inherited. But our fundamental goal is deeper. It is to get at the roots of crises and to build a durable structure of international relationships.

This second annual report to the Congress and the nation, therefore, like the first, is more than a recital of events. It reviews the premises and philosophy of our foreign policy and discusses events in the context of purposes. It explains why we have done as we have, and sets forth our hopes and concerns for the years to come.