The Process

Creativity, systematic planning and thorough analysis are given special emphasis. It is every concerned agency's obligation to contribute information and analysis and to present and argue its position. Only in this way can I be certain that the full range of views and reasonable options has beenexplored. The system helps us to bring together all the knowledge available and to bring to bear the best analytical thought of which we are capable:

Analysis and decision must rest on the broadest possible factual base. There must be common appreciation of the facts and of their relevance.

Coherent policy needs a conceptual framework. Where do we want to go in the long run? What are our purposes? Our analysis must bring out all reasonable interpretations of the facts, and treat the facts in the framework of our longer-range trends and objectives.

I have made sure that my choice is not limited to ratifying or rejecting bureaucratic compromises which submerge differences to accommodate varying interests within the government. I insist that the facts, issues and conceptual framework for decision be presented together with alternative courses of action, their pros and cons, and costs and consequences.