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Publications by Jan-Wouter Zwart

2018 a. On the origin of the South-African surname Coetzee (Liber grat. Carel Jansen) info pdf
b. Linguistics and reality (Jaspers Festschrift) info link

2017 a. The presentation of linguistic examples in the 1950s: an unheralded change (with Charlotte Lindenbergh) (Nerbonne Festschrift) info pdf
b. Gapping without gaps (Johnson Festschrift) info link
c. An argument against the syntactic nature of verb movement (Holmberg Festschrift) info pdf
d. A note on the periphrastic past in Afrikaans (Oosthuizen Festschrift) info link

2015 a. Top-down derivation, recursion, and the model of grammar (Bayer/Trotzke) info pdf
b. Toch and alsnog in young speakers' colloquial Dutch (Ad Foolen Festschrift) info pdf
c. Precede-and-command revisited revisited (eLanguage) info pdf
d. Dutch between German and English (in honor of Josef Bayer) (Josef Bayer Webschrift) info pdf

2014 a. The syntax of Dutch (paperback reprint) info link
b. The tense of infinitives in Dutch (Frans Zwarts Festschrift) info pdf
c. The complexity of Narrow Syntax (w. Andreas Trotzke) (Newmeyer/Preston) info pdf
d. Wet en gewoonte in de taal (inaugural address) info pdf

2012 Easy to (re)analyse: tough-constructions in minimalism (LIN 2012) info pdf

2011 a. Structure and order: asymmetric merge (Oxford Handbook) info pdf
b. Recursion in language: a layered-derivation approach (Biolinguistics) info pdf
c. The syntax of Dutch (Cambridge UP) info sample

2010 a. Levende taalkunde (Levende Talen) info pdf
b. Wobbe de Vries (DBNL) info link
c. Structure preserved: studies in syntax for Jan Koster (ed. w. Mark de Vries) (Koster Festschrift) info
d. Something else on variables in syntax (Koster FS paper) info pdf
e. Noordelijke polyfonie (ed., with Jack Hoeksema) (TABU 38)

2009 a. Uncharted territory? Towards a non-cartographic account of Germanic syntax (CGSW Proceedings) info pdf
b. Jacob Samuel Speyer (Lexicon Grammaticorum) info pdf
c. Groninger Arbeiten zur germanistischen Linguistik 48 (ed.) link
d. Relevance of typology to minimalist inquiry (Lingua 2009) info pdf
e. Prospects for top-down derivation (Catalan JoLx) info pdf

2008 a. Almost perfect: some notes on the present perfect puzzle (Hofstra Festschrift) info pdf
b. Views from the closet: Wobbe de Vries (1863-1942) (Noordegraaf Festschrift) info pdf
c. Groninger Arbeiten zur germanistischen Linguistik 46 (ed.) link
d. Verb second als speelbal van de grammaticatheorie (Ned. Taalkunde 13.2) info pdf

2007 a. Groninger Arbeiten zur germanistischen Linguistik 45 (ed.) link
b. Uncharted territory? Towards a noncartographic account of Germanic syntax (GAGL 45) info pdf
c. Some notes on the origin and distribution of the IPP-effect (GAGL 45) info pdf

2006 a. Complementizer agreement and dependency marking typology (LWPL 3.2) info pdf
b. Local agreement (Agreement systems) info pdf
c. Book notice of G.J. Luhrman, Studies in humanist and rational grammar (Hist. Linguistica) info pdf
d. Over het enten van interpolaties (Tabu 35.3/4) info pdf
e. Structural case and dependency marking: a neo-Jakobsonian view (CLS 42) info pdf

2005 a. Continental West-Germanic languages (Oxford Handbook) info pdf
b. Iets over zgn. V2-relatieven in het Nederlands (Ned. Taalkunde 10.1) info pdf
c. A comparative approach to syntactic change in the history of English (ELL 9) info pdf
d. Verb second as a function of Merge (CGSW Proceedings) info pdf
e. Some notes on coordination in head-final languages (LIN 2005) info pdf
f. Zinsleer: begrip van de syntaxis (textbook, 2nd ed.) info pdf
g. A note on functional adpositions (vRiemsdijk Festschrift) info pdf
h. PP extraposition from NP in Dutch (vZonneveld Festschrift) info pdf

2004 a. Een dynamische structuur van de Nederlandse zin 1: dynamische structuur (Tabu 33.1/2) info pdf
b. Een dynamische structuur van de Nederlandse zin 2: de Nederlandse zin (Tabu 33.3/4) info pdf

2003 a. Zinsleer: begrip van de syntaxis (textbook) info
b. What's in a name? Syntactic and asyntactic accentuation in Dutch (Platzack Festschrift) info pdf
c. Agreement and remnant movement in .. West-Germanic verb movement (Den Besten Webschrift) info pdf

2002 a. Issues in formal German(ic) typology (ed., w. W. Abraham) (Benjamins volume) info
b. Issues relating to a derivational theory of binding (in Epstein & Seely) info pdf
c. Studies in comparative Germanic syntax (ed., w. W. Abraham) (CGSW 15 Proceedings) info
d. Introduction (in 2002c) info
e. Het type moeten huilen (Tabu 32.1/2) info pdf
f. The antisymmetry of Turkish (GG@G 3) info pdf

2001 a. Syntactic and phonological verb movement (Syntax 4.1) info pdf
b. Object shift with raising verbs (LI 32.3) info pdf
c. Reflections on language and language learning (ed., w. M. Bax) (vEssen Festschrift) info
d. Language and language learning: an introduction (w. M. Bax) (in 2001c) info
e. Initiële coördinatie en de identificatie van woordgroepen (w. P. Hendriks) (Tabu 31.3/4) info pdf

2000 a. Review of Wilder et al, The role of economy principles in linguistic theory (Ling. Berichte 182) info pdf
b. A head raising analysis of relative clauses in Dutch (in Alexiadou et al.) info pdf
c. Transitive expletive constructions and the object shift parameter (w. J. Koster) (LIN 2000) info pdf
d. Ikke en de default-naamval: een reactie op Hoeksema (Tabu 30.3/4) info pdf

1999 a. Principes en parameters (textbook) info 1 2 3 4
b. Doet Diets draai in tot Engels? Over de "verengelsing" van het Nederlands (Ons Erfdeel 42.3) info link
c. "Referentie" en de typologie van NPs: de status van PRO (Tabu 29.2) info pdf
d. Antecedent-Contained Deletion as deletion (w. G. Vanden Wyngaerd) (LIN 1999) info pdf
e. Object shift with raising verbs (GAGL 43) info pdf
f. C-commanderen en de configurationele matrix (Tabu 29.4) info pdf
g. Book notice of Weiss, Syntax des Bairischen (Germanistik 40.2) info pdf
h. A dynamic theory of binding (WECOL 1998 Proceedings) info pdf
i. Review of Agbayani, Feature attraction and category movement (Glot Int. 4.8) info pdf

1998 a. Where is syntax? Syntactic aspects of left dislocation in Dutch and English (Limits of Syntax) info pdf
b. Conference report NELS 28 (Glot Int. 3.1) info
c. Conference report Going Romance 11 (Glot Int. 3.2) info
d. The Rough Guide to the Minimalist Program (Glot Int. 3.2) info pdf
e. The Minimalist Program (Journ. of Linguistics 34) info pdf
f. Conference report GLOW 21 (w. M. van Oostendorp, I. Paul) (Glot Int. 3.5) info
g. A note on "Principle C" in ellipsis constructions (Chomsky Webschrift) info htm
h. Nonargument middles in Dutch (GAGL 42) info pdf

1997 a. Morphosyntax of verb movement: a minimalist approach to the syntax of Dutch (Kluwer monograph) info
b. Niveaus van abstractie in de beschrijving van het Nederlands (MNL Jaarboek) info pdf
c. The Germanic SOV languages and the Universal Base Hypothesis (in Haegeman, ed.) info pdf
d. Weer functionele projecties (w. E. Hoekstra) (Ned. Taalkunde 2.2) info pdf
e. Transitive Expletive Constructions and .. the Multiple Specifier Hypothesis (in Abraham et al, eds.) info pdf

1996 a. On saying dat (w. H. Rullmann) (Yearbook 1995) info pdf
b. Clitics, scrambling, and head movement in Dutch (in Halpern et al, eds.) info pdf
c. De gratie van problemen (LINK 8.2) info pdf
d. Minimal Ideas: syntactic studies in the minimalist framework (ed., et al) (Benjamins volume) info
e. Introduction (w. Epstein & Thráinsson) (in 1996d) info pdf
f. "Shortest move" vs. "fewest steps" (in 1996d) info pdf
g. Very exceptional case marking (w. M. den Dikken) (CGSW proceedings) info pdf
h. N-feature checking in Germanic verb second configurations (CGSW Proceedings) info pdf
i. Verb clusters in Continental West-Germanic dialects (in Black et al, eds.) info pdf

1995 a. Review of Johannessen, Coordination: a minimalist approach (Glot Int. 1.1) info pdf
b. Conference report CGSW 10 (Glot Int. 1.2) info
c. Summary of 1993d (Glot Int. 1.3) info pdf
d. Zinsstructuur en woordvolgorde in de syntaxis van het Nederlands (Spektator 24.2) info pdf
e. A note on verb clusters in the Stellingwerf dialect (LIN 1995) info pdf
f. Tabu Squibnummer (ed., w. E. Hoekstra) (Tabu 25.3-4) info [1] [2]
g. Uit de geschiedenis van de Small Clause (in 1995f) info pdf
h. Word order, intonation, and noun phrase interpretation in Dutch (WECOL Proceedings) info pdf
i. Review of Déchaine, Predicates across categories (Glot Int. 1.7) info pdf

1994 a. Minimalism and Kayne's asymmetry hypothesis (ed.) (GAGL 37) info link
b. Introduction (in 1994a) info link
c. Shortest move vs. fewest steps (in 1994a) info pdf
d. Het ontstaan van I' en C' (Gramma/TTT 3.1) info pdf
e. Subject agreement on complementizers (GenGenP 2.1) info pdf
f. De structuur van CP .. (w. E. Hoekstra) (Spektator 23.3) info htm
g. On "Holmberg's Generalization" (Yearbook 1994) info pdf
h. Dutch is head initial (TLR 11.3/4) info pdf
i. The Minimalist Program and Germanic syntax (WPiSS 54) info pdf

1993 a. Clues from dialect syntax: complementizer agreement (Dialektsyntax) info pdf
b. Verb movement and complementizer agreement (MITWPL 18) info pdf
c. Notes on clitics in Dutch (ESF Working Papers) info pdf
d. Dutch syntax: a minimalist approach (dissertation) info pdf

1992 a. Verb movement and complementizer agreement (GLOW Newsletter) info pdf
b. Subject initial verb second in West Flemish: a reply to Haegeman (GAGL 35) info pdf
c. Dutch expletives and Small Clause predicate raising (NELS 22) info pdf
d. Matching (Yearbook 1994) info pdf

1991 a. Clitics in Dutch: evidence for the position of INFL (GAGL 33) info pdf
b. Reconstruction and Vehicle Change (LIN 1991) info pdf
c. Subject deletion in Dutch: a difference between subject and topics (Yearbook 1991) info pdf
d. Expletive raising and expletive replacement in Dutch (ESCOL 8) info pdf

1990 a. Syntaxis en semantiek van de van die-constructie (m. De Hoop/VandenWyngaerd) (Gramma 14) info htm
b. On case theory and control in Portuguese and Modern Greek (LCJL 1) info pdf

1989 Over bewonderaars van zichzelf (Tabu 19) info pdf