Petra Hendriks

Externally funded research projects

  • PhD student Iris Scholten, Catharina Hartman (Accare & Psychiatry, UMCG) and I study language processing in children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders.
    The project of Iris, "Predictive processing in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders" (2017-2021), is funded by NWO.
  • In collaboration with Peter Paul De Deyn and the Alzheimer Research Center Groningen (ARCG) of UMCG, PhD student Amélie la Roi, Simone Sprenger and I study how elderly adults process idioms such as "in de soep lopen" (literaly: to walk in the soup; figuratively: to become a mess).
    Amélie's project "Idioms in the ageing brain: The effects of age-related cognitive decline on the processing and comprehension of idioms" (2016-2020) is funded by NWO.
  • PhD student Anna de Koster, Jennifer Spenader (Artificial Intelligence) and I investigate how Dutch children acquire the adult distributivity preferences in their native language.
    Anna's project "Acting individually or together? An investigation of children's development of distributivity" (2016-2020) is funded by NWO.

Conferences and workshops

Further collaborations and research

  • Jorrig Vogels will carry out his NWO Veni project "Try to see it my way: when do speakers consider the listener's perspective?" (November 2017 - November 2021) in the Semantics and Cognition group, starting in November 2017.
  • Jacolien van Rij carries out her NWO Veni project "Learning language from expectations" (January 2016 - January 2020) in the Semantics and Cognition group. The project of PhD student Dorothée Hoppe is associated with Jacolien's Veni project.
  • Emar Maier carries out his NWO Vidi project "The language of fiction and imagination" (October 2016 - October 2021) in the Semantics and Cognition group at the Faculty of Arts, as well as at the Faculty of Philosophy. PhD students Sofia Bimpikou and Merel Semeijn are members of Emar's Vidi team.
  • I collaborate with Deniz Baskent (Audiology, UMCG) in the PhD project of Leanne Nagels, and with Esther Ruigendijk (Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg) in the PhD project of Atty Schouwenaars. Both projects investigate language processing in children with cochlear implants.
  • Since 2007, I collaborate with Catharina Hartman (Accare & Psychiatry, UMCG) on the language abilities of children with autism. Together, we supervised the PhD projects of Sanne Kuijper and Jessica Overweg.
  • I have ongoing research on semantics, pragmatics and language acquisition, some of which is carried out at the Eye Lab at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Groningen.